Thursday, June 25, 2009

I don't think there has ever been a better example of how actions have consequences than if life and untimely death of Michael Jackson.

By all accounts, if you look at his musical career, just his body of work, this should be the blackest day in the history of music. Rivaling the death of Lennon and flat out destroying the death of Cobain (because Jackson was more talented and didn't eat the business end of a firearm). Unfortunately, this is going to be one of those days that fills people with mixed emotions.

We won't ever see another Michael Jackson, mostly because what he did, he did without precedent. The man could fucking GLIDE on solid ground. No matter how you feel about him, you have to admit that the man could dance like gravity didn't apply to him in the same way it applies to you and me.

His videos have basically defined music videos. In a Doctor Who like world, a visit to a world where MJ never rose to popularity is probably a world without music videos. Thriller came out in 1983, that's twenty-six years ago. That's before my life began, before I was considered as a possibility. That video, despite being almost 30 years old is still one of the best music videos of all time. There is no argument you can make that doesn't include Thriller in the list.

Furthermore, the man MADE things happen through sheer force of will. He wanted to defy gravity when on stage singing "Smooth Criminal", the technology or mechanism didn't exist, so he CREATED and PATENTED it. Say what you will, but that's impressive stuff, he made his own way when there was no way.

This leads me to the crux or my own issues. I can't get past the idea of child molestation, I really can't. Did Michael want to hurt children or exploit them? I'm relatively sure he didn't, as I'm sure he would never have wanted anyone to go through what he went through. He was, of course, the product of an abusive father. That said, what happened, happened and you can't take things like that back.

I sit at a weird crossroads of mourning the loss of the greatest entertainer in the history of man, and being ambivalent towards the man who robbed at least one child of his innocence. I really don't know how to feel about the whole thing. Does life come down to the single mistakes we make? I think that is what I started to struggle with when I really examined the life of Jackson. He did so much good and yet there are a few black marks that decimate him.

I'm mostly writing this because my head is a jumbled mess of exactly how I feel. I walk this line between thinking that humans aren't meant to be famous because clearly we don't have the mental faculties to handle it and at the same time that people can walk away if they want to and choose not to.

I have more to say, but my brain is tired. Rest in Peace Michael, you brought happiness to millions.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Natal Should stay in the Womb.

Call me a cynic. Call me a fanboy. Call me a jerkass. Call me something creative.

No matter how people choose to view what I'm about to say, I stand by it with iron resolve.

Natal is unimpressive. It is gaming's version of Ronald Reagan's 'Star Wars'. They both sound cool, revolutionary and advanced, there is no arguing that. However, Natal and Laser Missile Defense have something else in common beyond fun buzzwords, that thing is that they will both never really get past the planning stage. (Laser Missile Defense died a terrible death along with the Cold War.)

People are confusing "a new way to play" with "it recongizes your voice". As best I can tell, that is ALL that this goddamn camera/mic does. Well, that's not fair to say, it does track movement. However, the ball kicking/handling demo only showed me that it is the same as strapping wiimotes to your feet.

More than anything, all the things that Natal claims to do are uninteresting to me. An article on a gaming site suggested that it'd be cool to raise your arm while playing Fallout 3. Sure that's fun in theory, but let's look at the practice of this idea. You there, in your chair, raise your arm so it mimics looking at a Pip-Boy. Now, since you don't HAVE a pip-boy in the real world, you have to use the controller right? But you can't drop your arm or the Pip-Boy will drop and you'll have accomplished nothing. Seeing the problem?

Natal is a solid ten years ahead of it's time. That camera cannot scan a skateboard and make it functional. That technology doesn't exist. Companies wouldn't spend THOUSANDS of dollars on mo-cap etc. if it was THIS easy to get things into games.

Furthermore, movement based gaming is Nintendo's bread and butter. If THEY aren't trying to introduce something like this, the smart money is that it's not... possible.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I still don't get MMOs

I think my inability to grasp the idea of MMOs is based in my gaming roots. I like playing games and beating them, I like the sense of accomplishment and more than that I like the conclusion to a story.

I like when good finally trounces evil once and for all, and on occasion, when evil smacks good in the ffffffface. MMOs, to the best of my knowledge, lack this in most cases, moments such as:

*Spoiler Alert*

Revan defeating Malak is just a sweet gaming moment. Good or evil, it's undeniably awesome that when you finally strike him down, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Seeing the redeemed Kain with his helmet in FFII is a great moment as well.

*End Spoiler Alert*

My problem with the idea of MMOs at their face is that they are designed to keep you playing rather than to give you any kind of real closure. More real-world? Sure, but guess what? I live in a real world.

I want to like SW:TOR. I do. I DOOOOO, but I can't help thinking that formula is all wrong.

The most interesting part of Star Wars, or one of the best, is the idea of apprentices learning, moving forward etc. This just can't happen in SW:TOR without an ARMY of NPCs. If tihs could somehow be implemented, i'd be beyond impressed, but it seems as though the game either really won't be an MMO, or really won't be good.

That and they're pissing all over the lore by skipping one of the most interesting parts in the history of Star Wars. Revan is likely dead and Revan was likely the coolest SW character in a looong time.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My friend said she was glad that the GG "had brains". Hell broke loose.

Matty at 12:12pm December 4
Brains? Since when is disobeying the law using your brains?

Didn't you study political science?

Conservatives not having a budget ready means they get a pass for two months? Come on, Friend.

Friend at 12:51pm December 4
You know I did.

I think the Libs/NDP's forming a coalition happened way faster than it should have. All the parties have made mistakes, but regardless I don't think a coalition govenment is a good idea.

The best thing she could have done in this situation was suspend parliment for the time being and allow them to get things in order, and try to have a working government - what were the other options? Have a coalitiongovernment (stupid), or call an election (stupider)?

I just think alot of leaders are behaving as if they have no brains right now, and Jean's movewas a smart one amidst all that.

Matty at 2:03pm December 4
First of all, Friend, everything is in order, just the wrong order for the people of Canada, hence why people fought back. Or if by get things in order you mean, Harper fucked up and blew the budget and scrambled because he lost any edge he had?

You mean he needed time because he got caught trying to eliminate all the other parties by cutting their funding and they fought back?

How is a coalition stupid? When big problems arise it is the government's duty to but aside partisan hackery in favour of a coalition of people working together to solve problems.

Didn't Harper try to do this in Nov. 2005? Yes, he did. It ended in a no confidence vote against a MAJORITY government. EDIT: Martin did not have a majority, he won a minority after being handed a majority.

You are both suggesting that subverting the political process is okay as long as your politician is at the helm. That's not how the world works. A group of people got together who hold the MAJORITY of seats, and that's undemocratic?

Friend at 2:21pm December 4
"You are both suggesting that subverting the political process is okay as long as your politician is at the helm." I'm not suggesting this at all. I'd be just as upset if a different party was in power, and my politician was trying to form a coalition. I think a coalition government is something that really only is needed in extremely extenuating circumstances - and I don't think this is the case.

Whether all Canadians like it or not, Harper got elected - with 37.6% of the votes in 2008. Chretien got 1% more than that and had a MAJORITY government. So 1% is enough to topple the government we DEMOCRATICALLY elected in? Harper has a LARGER majority than last time.

What the hell did I vote for if my vote doesn't count or matter anymore? What did ANYONE vote for?

Let's face it, the Liberals and NDP's are essentially hijacking the system and whining because they SPLIT THE VOTE. If this was such a concern for them, they should have thought about that BEFORE the election... (cont)

Friend at 2:21pm December 4
but they never would consider a coalition before, because they have SUCH different ideals. A lot of people who support the liberals would never give the NDP their vote, and vice versa. So now, all of a sudden, they can decide to join forces because they don't like the Conservatives ideas? F

I also had little respect for Dion to begin with, but now I have none. He said he would never form a coalition with the NDP - surprise, surprise, look what's happened now. I have always made this very clear - the reason I dislike the liberals is not because of their ideals, but because they CHANGE their mind and go back on their word constantly. It's almost expected of them now. And, once more, they've done it again. (cont again)

Friend at 2:22pm December 4
Not to mention - the Bloc are a part of this coalition as well, and they are a separatist party... a party that wants to DESTROY Canada.

This all being said - you're telling me I should be happy about this? Bullshit, I don't know how anyone can be happy or support a coalition that involves a separatist party, or one that is based on... well, on nothing I would consider a good enough reason to have one.

(and done :)

Matty at 2:37pm December 4
Wow, that was... wow....

We're spiraling into depression and Harper has no immidiate plan to anything about it, how is that not extremely extenuating circumstances? People are losing their jobs left, right and centre, but it's not a big deal? Absolutely ridiculous, wake up and smell the poverty.

Canada isn't about popular vote, it's about SEATS. Harper doesn't and has never had a majority. Getting more votes than the next guy is NOT a majority, you should know that. A Majority government is when you control the majority of the seats in the whole house. NOT the case. I'm going to say this again so I don't understate it... HARPER. DOES. NOT. HAVE. A. MAJORITY. AND. NEVER. HAS.

Hijacking the system? By using a system that's been in place for a hundred years? How is that hijacking? Hijacking assume it's being done dishonestly and illegally, this is completely legal and completely by the book. It is the entire point behind a majority government. You should know that.

Matty at 2:42pm December 4
What did you vote for? You voted for your M to get into power, same as I did, same as everyone else did. However, you'll notice that your party did not get more seats than all the other parties combined. You not liking Dion or the Bloc is absolutely fucking irrelavent in this, they have more seats as a party, they have the power. In fact, they have a MAJORITY of the seats, you'd be smart to remember that.

Before the election we were not in dire economic straits, and desperate times, which these are, call for desperate measures. Yes, they can decide to join together whenever the fuck they want, it is their political right, you saying it's wrong for them to do that is saying your vote is more important than anyone who voted against you.

The Bloc are not a separatist party now, and even if they want to separate, they couldn't, they won't have the power to because they are shoulder to shoulder with two parties that fought against them separating in the first place.

Matty at 2:51pm December 4
Furthermore, the Bloc are a party with Quebec's interests first and foremost, much like Harper's is clearly out West, remember how he called Ontario a HAVE NOT province? Don't you live here? That should worry you. However, the Bloc will be held in check, same with the NDP and Liberal, the whoooole point.

Furthermore, if Quebec wanted to leave, they could. Did you vote in the referendum? Did your parents? No. Quebec did. If they wanted to do it again, the federal government would be hard pressed to stop them regardless, though, when was the last time you heard real rumblings of separating? Thought so.

How is a fucking recession not a big enough reason to form a coalition? I am pretty sure it is the BEST reason other than WAR to form a coalition.

Remember, the coalition is a response to Harper's threats and unwillingness to make a REAL stimulus package for the economy. They didn't do this just because they don't like Harper.

Matty at 2:52pm December 4
Also, didn't you hate Bush? How can you hate Bush and then vote for a guy who handed him MILLIONS of dollars to put in his own person war chest for whatever he felt was necessary?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Knights of the Old Republic II

KOTOR II may in fact be the most disappointing game of all time, and not even through an fault of its own, but because at times it shows flashes of being a true masterpiece. However, when the deadline got pushed up to be out for the holidays, the developers were forced to cut gameplay as well as dialogue and get this THE ENDING.

Now, the game itself sitll plays very well and deserves about 7.5 or an 8.0, but it is only a gasp from being a 10, this bothers me.

They must re-release it! With everything added back in! DO WANT!